KiddyGuard® Avant

Safe and stylish family homes

Create child-friendly places within moments with the new, improved Lascal KiddyGuard®. Elegant, functional and totally secure, the Swedish designed safety barriers fit into any space. So, whether you live in a period property or a modern home, you can quickly transform dangerous spots without sacrificing on style.

It’s all about the design

Discreet, fully secure and innovative, the KiddyGuard® gives you a stylish alternative to other child gates. White or black mesh slides beautifully into a brushed aluminium housing.

Disappears when not in use

Completely child-proof when locked in place, and invisible when open, this unique guard won’t clutter your home. And because it fully retracts when open, you won’t trip over it either.

Our KiddyGuard models

Choose between the premium KiddyGuard® AvantTM, the KiddyGuard® AccentTM or the KiddyGuard® AssureTM

KiddyGuard® keeps your child on the safe side

7 Reason to choose the KiddyGuard® Avant

Flexible enough to fit all spaces

Covers openings up to 120 cm (48 in.).

Fast, easy installation

Fully adaptable to every type of area from doors and stairways, to walls.

Space saving and discreet

The KiddyGuard® Accent and Avant gate slots invisibly into its housing when not in use, and there’s no threshold for you to trip over.

Closes with one hand

Easy, single handed open and close action for when your hands are full.

Secure, automatic time lock

Open, walk through and secure the gate and a quick automatic lock feature clicks in as the gate closes.
The KiddyGuard® Avant can also be manually operated.

At-a-glance lock indicator

An easy-to-see red mark indicator is revealed when the gate is unlocked.

Also locks when open

Effectively guarding against curious toddlers using your gate as a toy.

Tested and Approved

For your child’s safety.

The KiddyGuard® is tested and approved by SGS according to the European Standard EN1930:2020 and by SGS according to the U.S. Standard ASTM F1004-18.

Every single component is tested to meet the standard for kid’s products according to REACH (EU) and CPSIA (U.S.).

Additional information on the KiddyGuard® Avant

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Owner manual

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Owner manuals for KiddyGuard accessories:

Bannister Installation Kit | Wall Installation Kit |

Owner manual

Video instructions

Watch our KiddyGuard Videos?

Our video gallery contains videos that shows installation of the KiddyGuard Avant in various positions.

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Owner manual

Spare part diagram

Safety information

To protect your child from accidents when using the KiddyGuard®, follow these instructions.

KiddyGuard® complies with both European Standard EN 1930:2011 and US Safety Standard ASTM F1004-13.
The following warnings and instructions are compulsory, in accordance with these Standards.

  • WARNING - Incorrect Installation can be dangerous.

  • WARNING - Do not use the safety barrier if any components are damaged or missing.

  • WARNING - The safety barrier must not be fitted across windows.

  • This safety barrier is for domestic use only.

  • To prevent serious injury or death, securely install and position the KiddyGuard® and use it according to these instructions.

  • The KiddyGuard® should not be subject to mechanical damage e.g. hitting it with sharp, hard objects or scratching from pet claws or pulling up or down on it, as this will cause damage.

  • When fitted in place, check the barrier to ensure that it is properly fixed and secure.

  • The KiddyGuard® has both manual and automatic locking system. However, ensure that the locking mechanism is securely engaged every time that you close the stairgate.

  • The KiddyGuard® general condition and safety mechanism should be checked periodically, with particular reference to the security of attachments and operation of the locking device, in accordance with these instructions.

  • Do not allow adults, children or pets to climb over or under the safety barrier, it may damage or dislodge the gate and cause injury.

  • Stop using the barrier if the child is capable of climbing over or dislodging it.

  • Intended for use with children from 6-24 months of age. This product will not necessarily prevent all accidents. Never leave your child unattended.

  • Additional and replacement parts should only be obtained from the Manufacturer or Distributor.

Add the accessories to suit you

Bannister Installation Kit

Mounting the KiddyGuard® onto bannisters. Everything you need to mount the gate housing and locking strip on any bannister. Fix onto square bannisters up to 50 x 50mm (2 x 2”), or round bannisters up to 50mm (2”).

Available in black or white

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Wall Installation Kit

Mounting the KiddyGuard® on a wall with skirting/baseboard. Handy essentials for mounting the housing (1 set needed), and locking strip (2 sets needed) along skirting/baseboards of 10mm (3.8”) – 19mm (3.4”).

Available in black or white

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